Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rob Ryan Umbrellas

Wow, I love this umbrella designed by Rob Ryan whose lovely greeting cards are available from our shop. If we sold umbrellas, his would definitely be top of our list!!

Post a Garden

We have just stumbled upon this fantastic site that sells "pop-up postable gardens". Such a great concept, you get a pop-out 3D greeting card that will turn into a mini garden when watered.

Rosehip Cards

One of our favourite suppliers has just launched a new collection of adorable mini note card sets- we absolutely love these gorgeous summery designs.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Baby News

Apologies for the lack of updates since the end of March! Papergrain has been a hive of activity in recent weeks as we look ahead to the autumn and the all important Christmas collection which is coming together in a beautiful fashion! We are also thrilled to welcome a new member of the team in the form of baby Henri who was born on 7 April 2010 weighing 7lb1oz!